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Poll for the weekend: flight or invisibility?


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To make your life easier I’ve written down some PROs and CONs for each.


PROs for  invisibility

  • knowing everyone’s secrets
  • spying on people without being called a stalker

CONs for invisibility

  • hearing the nasty things people say about you behind your back
  • feeling like a stalker


PROs for flight

  • no more spending $$$ on airfare
  • no more commuting

CONs for flight

  • collision with birds
  • colder weather at high altitudes


So go on, dears! Let me know what you think. And if you fancy, leave a comment telling me why you chose flight or invisibility.

Comments (2)

  • er, with invisibility you also get free airfair. No paying to get into the movies, and also the power to cause chaos without being blamed.

  • When I was a kid I was obsessed with being invisible so I could hear everything that I wasn’t privy to. Now that gives me pause. But then I think–wait, I’d be invisible so if they said something really bad, I could throw a dish or kick them in the shins. Still, flight is tempting as it would be like having your own private plane. I just can’t make a decision on this one–sorry!


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