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Who are you in this picture?

Microsoft went all loco and came up with a series of uber cool wallpapers for Windows 7.

I like this one



and this one (which I also have as MY wallpaper)


because they’re so whimsical and this seems to fit like a glove to all the talking bunnies, birds and cupcakes that are currently setting camp on my brain.


D likes the one I picked also. And a few days ago we were closely inspecting the little creatures in the picture when he said “Look, you’re this one here” pointing to this one

1 1z


Me: What? I’m the little guy with the hazelnut/chestnut head doing pole dancing?

D: Well, if you don’t like him, you could be this guy.

2 2z


D: See? I upgraded you. You have glasses and you look smart.

Me: Well, I AM smart. You got that right. So if I’m the smart, wise owl, who would you be? Oh, I know. You’re this guy.

3 3z


Me: The funny little raccoon (?) who’s probably being traded for a carrot. Fits you like a glove.


Which little creature do YOU like?

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  • Is there a pink French-moustache-wearing madeleine in the second one? If so, that’d be me. Because it’s French, NOT because I have a moustache. Because I don’t. OMG, that came out like smth post -TV-induced-lobotomy. Really BAD TV. American Idol-bad TV. I need to get out more…

    P.S. Yeah, we’re big on multihyphenate-thingies around here.

  • P.P.S. Where modesty kicks in: I made a funny, did I not? Several actually. I slay me. 😀

  • Most likely I’m the little pink bird on the left side of the screen.

  • — @ Andra 1: I think it’s a cupcake. Which would make it American/British. But the moustache definitely looks French!

    — @Bookish Spazz: It’s cute, isn’t it?


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