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Who knew a show about pot would be so enticing?

… said the puritanical girl who will not even dare to write the word sh*t without using an asterisk.

[Akshully, sometimes I may have a potty-mouth and say the occasional WTF; and NOT as in double u tee eff if you know what I mean…]

We have been watching Weeds, THE BEST TV SHOW EVA’ but which kind of clashes with any norm of good behavior and proper language that I might have.



Neither D nor I had any idea that this show existed but we were lucky enough to read about it on some website while in search for shows to watch now during the summer while all the other shows are on a break. [:) Friends flashback]

After the first few episodes we were so hooked that we watched the entire 4 seasons in a few days. Like a stood-up girl pours down Martinis  – that’s how we went through more than 40 episodes.


As the name suggests, the show revolves around the weed business: growing, dealing, selling, smoking, you get the picture. The main character is Nancy Botwin, a recent widow from a California suburb who, wanting to provide for her two sons after her husband’s death becomes a marijuana dealer.

Her crew, customers and partners in crime include Andy, her sleazy brother-in-law, Doug, the bribe-taking accountant, Dean, the lawyer with family issues, Heylia, her bruschetta-making provider to name but a few.


The show is a comedy, mainly, with some accents of drama and thriller [you’re bound to get some cliff-hangers in a show about drug dealing]. The humor comes from the collision of two opposing worlds: the care-free, laid-back suburban life on one hand and that of drug dealers and thugs on the other. Somehow Nancy Botwin manages to be a part of both. The show does a great job not at advocating in favor of using a bong but in exposing the hidden facades of hypocrisy and corruption of American life.


What did it for me were the mind-blowing funny  lines that pop out in a conversation when you least expect them and make you wonder “where did this come from?”.

But make no mistake: you’re going to get an earful of foul language, the F word is as abundant as the verb “to be”. And for that matter so are the C and D words. You get used to it after a while, when you realize that “that’s California. That’s how they talk around there.”


A few of my favorite lines, worthy of being written down in a journal and read when you’re feeling down include:

Heylia James: Serious shit calls for serious cash and your cash got a sense of humor

Andy Botwin: How can you be so blindly pro-Bush?
Doug Wilson: I like his wife Laura… I used to buy weed from her at SMU

Conrad Shepard: You calling black people stupid?
Nancy Botwin: And lazy… and they also steal.
Heylia James: Yeah, but we sings and we dances real good.

Celia: I was thinking of going bigger.
Nancy: Bigger?
Celia: Really big. Like freak show big. 47 triple Fs. So large that other smaller breasts will want to orbit them.

Cop: Sir, you do realize you just rolled through a stop sign?
Andy: Nice bike. Did your horse die?
Cop: Sir –
Andy: You must be in killer shape. Let me see your quads man.
Cop: May I see your driver’s license and registration please.
Andy: When you arrest people do you ride ‘em in on your handlebars or do they just sit on the back with their arms around you?
Cop: Step out of the car.
Andy: Oh, come on. Seriously? I’m just having fun. You’re a cop in bike shorts. It’s adorable.
Cop: I have a gun.
Andy: Cool, I’m cool.

Conrad: This is for you, Snowflake. This my special blend, I call this here Clark Kent. Just sniff this, right here. It’s good, huh?! You smoke this shit and you just wanna rip your clothes off in a phone booth and fight crime. I’m serious!

Guidance Counselor: (reading Shane’s poetry-rap) My name is Shane / I bring the pain / Up from the streets of Agrestic / Bitch, you don’t wanna sweat this / I cap any motherf**ker / You don’t wanna test this / Be-
Shane: “Bee-yotch!” I got rage in me. This is my way of venting.

Celia: You really should lock your front door.
Nancy: I do lock it. But Lupita (the maid) leaves it open so she doesn’t have to dig for her keys. Drives me insane.
Celia: Subtle revenge for having to clean our toilets.
Nancy: I still say we got the better end of that deal.


This show is a definite must-watch so waste no time!


Later Edit

Celia trying to convince her 12-year old that she can’t be a lesbian.


And also, this one. Viewer discretion is advised.

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  • > … said the puritanical girl who will not even dare to write the
    > word sh*t without using an asterisk.

    I never understood that. Why is it less offensive to use an asterisk? Everybody knows exactly what you mean. Swearing has its place. It’s supposed to be big! bold! it’s supposed to offend!

    I mean, are people supposed to read sh*t and think, “Wow, what a nice person. She’s conveniently taken out the vowel so I won’t be subjected to the full horror of the word. Now I’ll only get moderately offended instead of truly offended.”

  • — @Phil: I totally agree. It’s not like people don’t know what you mean.
    Maybe it’s the same as with “fudge” instead of “fuck” (there I said it!), “shoot” instead of “shit” and other stuff like that. That’s what Mommy told us right? Never say the F word. If you don’t see the entire word, it’s like it’s not there. like you didn’t say it. Just another way of biding by the laws of society I guess.

  • At first none of my friends believed me when I said it was the greatest show ever. I had to convince them that it’s really NOT about pot. I don’t think it is (well sort of not anyway). I got one friend to watch by convincing him of the above argument. I got my business partner to watch by telling him Albert Brooks was on it + Kevin Nealson plays the most insincere guy ever, that we all know. I just love the show, it replaced the sopranos as my all time favorite. The twists just get crazier as it goes on. I can’t wait for this season!

  • — @ Mary Jo: Me too. Can’t wait for June, 6th!


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