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Chic Sundays: purple dress

I wore my purple dress for D’s graduation ceremony on Saturday.


I just love the purple-green combo, don’t you?

I wore this dress with a pair of black shoes, but that’s because I had no other options.

So my question for female readers is: what kind of shoe color would go with this kind of dress&sweater? Would you go with green? Or black? Please, do tell, I’d love to hear your thoughts on such important matters 😀


Later edit: Male readers also invited to share their opinions. I’m trying to be as politically correct as I can! 😀

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  • unless you can find the exact shade of green as your sweater for your shoes, then I would go with black. Also, your outfit reminds me of an eggplant color-wise! Eggplants have such a cool color.

  • I love the purple and green together as well! That dress is lovely and I’m sure it would look great with a cream or beige cardigan and cream/beige ballet flats… too cute.

  • What? Aren’t male readers allowed to offer fashion advice? Sexism!

    That’s it — I’m going to write a nice blog post about power tools and monster truck rallies, and you can bet your ass they’ll be a giant “No Girls Allowed” sign somewhere. Hurumph. See how you like that!

  • –@ Bookish Spazz & Michelle: Thanks for the suggestions girls!

    –@Phil: By all means, if you’ve got some tips on what color pattern I should go with here, do tell!
    Power tools?… Ooo, shiny!

  • -@ Alexandra: I would’ve gone with, ahem, kinky, but, hey, we don’t share a twisted brain no more. 😀

  • –@Andra: You mean “power tools… Ooo, kinky?” Ha ha! Twisted indeed!

  • lovely dress and sweater!
    i would have liked a pair of gray or nude flats, though… and a matching color/colors bag 🙂

  • –@Laura: Gray shoes, that’s an excellent idea! gray+purple=awesome!


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