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Doesn’t get any nerdier than this: the PCR song

I guess most of you have heard of PCR. Those who haven’t: are you kidding me? How can you just stand there and tell me these 3 letters mean nothing to you? These are the sweetest, most coolest letters in the world galaxy universe!


It’s Polymerase Chain Reaction, dude! You know, as in amplifying DNA from the tiniest, minutest quantities.


Here, read this first and then come see me. If you’re still unimpressed, then my friend, you got issues! Seriously. I am not joking.

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Right. Now that you know what it is, listen to this REALLY bad song. If PCR had its own country, this would be the national anthem.



It’s bad, isn’t it? But isn’t your day so much better now that it’s obvious how much cooler you are then these people who worship the PCR?

No need to thank me.

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