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I’m tired

You want to know what I did today and yesterday for that matter? Working in a lab at 33 degrees. Celsius. How many of you know what that’s like? Nobody? You lucky bastards!

Let me tell you what that’s like. It’s like walking through the rainforest only that you hear the sound of centrifuges 2 ft away from your head, and you have to wear rubber gloves and pipet tiny amounts into 200 uL Eppendorf tubes. Oh, and I forgot, you also have to wear a lab coat. With long sleeves. Fun, fun, fun!

Not to mention that said tubes must be kept on ice. Which keeps melting.


IMG_3377 [this is a 1500uL tube]


Why this ordeal you ask? It’s not part of a TV contest, no. It’s just what happens when the AC goes down in a building with a lot of –80 degrees freezers (which generate A LOT of heat to keep the inside colder than the North Pole).


I sweated what I think was liters of water. But I did not stop pipetting. I could actually feel my palms sweating (wtf) under my gloves and little drops of sweat trickling down my wrist but I pipetted away. The sweat and the pipetting resulted in a callus in my right palm. It’s hard labor, I’m telling you, maneuvering these babies:

IMG_3341 [pipettes]


So I’m exhausted and probably dehydrated. That’s the best I’m capable of right now. I can hardly wait for the weekend.



Tomorrow is my sweet, darling sister’s B’Day. Yey!!!

Happy birthday Miss Cinnamon [I’m so not going to explain this]! I roooove you.

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  • Well, sweetie, here’s something to cheer you up. I laughed so hard, the Coke I HAD been drinking shot up my nose. And shhh, I’m incognito, remember? 🙂


  • Owwh new layout! cool… no longer a dark person huh? hehe… I also have a new layout design on my website 🙂

    I’d like to see the lab where u work… by see I mean go and do something there 😀 … seriously

  • –@Rad: No longer a dark person! I’m cured!

    –@TBK: I knew about that “device” 🙂

  • -@Alexandra: I just realised, I kinda sound like a terminal disease ( TBK ). Bummer, huh?!?


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