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June shower

Oh boy! It’s hot outside. I’m not exactly pro-AC but we had to take out the big guns on Wednesday because little Alex drops were beginning to drip on the floor – I was melting!

So while we were chillin’ in the AC breeze yesterday afternoon, we hear leaves rustling then thunder and all of a sudden the tip-tapping of rain drops on the hot pavement!


Do you like the smell of summer rains? I do. Crisp, mixed with the smell of dust and steaming concrete. I quickly grabbed my camera and stepped out on the balcony to snap some shots. Here’s what I got:






Do you see the splash?





I bet you’re wishing you were there with me, aren’t you?

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  • in the 100 + degrees it is in Texas, I most definitely wish I was there.

  • Well I was there, playing beach volley-ball at Jeanne Mance, so I did not appreciate as much as you did 🙂

  • –@ Bookish Spazz: I think I would die there!
    –@Sarah: He, he! At least you live nearby so you could get home quickly.

  • I love the smell of summer rain–you’re right, it does smell different. It’s one of those smells that I can always remember so clearly. Great photos!


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