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Life, universe and everything

Questionable taste in music?

Maybe. Am I ashamed to admit it? Not likely.

That interested look on your face tells me you want to hear more about this. Why didn’t you say so?

Here it goes.


High school

When we were in 9th grade my friend introduced me to HIM (hey! don’t throw rocks at me! Didn’t your Mom teach you not to throw rocks at bloggers?). It was high school, man, you’re supposed to experiment.

Anyway, other people my age are embarrassed by stuff like having been too hammered at a party and having thrown up on the wrong person (is there a right person to throw up on?), or having dated a douche or wearing lots of denim which is a lot worse than listening to a guy singing about his Poison Girl. So he occasionally wore lipstick, so what?! I mean, who doesn’t, really?

There was also a bit of Placebo here and there but other than that I won’t admit anything don’t remember.



Now that’s when I started being more selective about the musical input that reached my brain. That’s when I started listening to Lake of Tears, Nightwish and System of a Down (that’s about as hardcore as I can take it. There’s only a certain amount of people making bear-like noises that I can stand before my brain explodes). Slowly other bands like Three Days Grace and 3 Doors Down crawled their way into my playlist. And along with them came softer core bands such as Greenday, Hoobastank, GooGoo Dolls, Staind and others I can’t think of right now because it’s quite late. Oh, Metallica, Nirvana, GNR, but these come with the territory if you grew up in the 90s. You cannot not like them.


After this, which I like to call MY ROCK PHASE, I kind of mellowed. I started listening to French music – Noir Desir (I still love them) and it all went downhill from here.



I went through a Charles Aznavour stage which I’m not completely out of. Yeah.

And now, if I look at my Music folder I see this:



…from Abba and Boney M to Papa Roach and Asian Dub Foundation via Lily Allen and Louise Attaque.

Right now I feel like some Mattafix. Big city life

How about you? Any shameful music choices that you’d never go back to now? What’s in your playlist right now?

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  • Love you tweety, love love love you! BTW, would that friend who introduced you to the darkside ( that being the hell HIM and the likes inhabit ) be lil’ol’me? 😀

  • Darn, I hate repeating myself, but hey, I do it outta luuurv, so what the heck! 😛

  • –@Andra: Yes. that would be you. See? You teach me only bad things things. Shame on you!

  • 😛

  • Two words: “Josh Groban” Hahahaa…love it.

    I listen to embarrassing music all the time, because I heart all things Broadway. So, imagine blasting dirty puppet music (Avenue Q) out the windows of your car on a warm summer day. Good times. 🙂

  • I love your description of high school. Did you go through high school in Canada, Alex? Or was it in Romania/elsewhere?

    I have a very varied taste in music and have featured a handful of musical posts on my blog through the years. I have a pretty large music collection, though.

    Nightwish is good. If you like that kind of symphonic metal, you might also like Within Temptation, which I much prefer to the former.

  • Oh man, at least you didn’t have to live through the boy band phase and Jesse McCartney. Also, I’m pretty sure I was the only 11 year old with Jesse McCartney and the Sex Pistols on the same mix CD.

  • –@ The Naked Redhead: I think he’s really great. And I have my dear friend to thank for telling me about him. You are officially forgiven, Andru!

    –@Phil: I went to high school in Romania. It was pretty intense. NOT! But I did learn a lot though. Which made the first 2 years of University really easy.
    I’ve heard about Within Temptation. I’ll check it out! Thanks.

    –@Bookish Spazz: Oh, I did went through the boy band phase: Backstreet Boys were a big hit when I was in grade 7-8. Also, Westlife, Boyzone. Oh yeah. Now you see why HIM seemed a much better option?

  • – @ The Naked Redhead: Step away from Josh Groban. Slowly. 🙂 I do understand that his music mostly attracts middle aged women, but I cannot not love the man. Get a looksy of his blog, he is funny in a geeky sort of way that I just go “awww, shucks” for.

    -@ Bookish Spazz: OMG, Boyzone!!! I’m still not ashamed of that one, because even if they were cheesier then Backstreet Boys, Take That and N’Sync put together, I was so honestly and whole-heartedly invested in my passion for them and Ronan Keating, that it would be like denying a part of me. Innocent times. 😛

    -@ Alexandra: I knew you wouldn’t stay mad at me for long. In fact, it’s what I’m counting on each time I scheme something. 😀 Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! 🙂


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