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Very disturbing dictionary

Did you know about My First Dictionary? I came across this blog a while ago.


Each post is a new word and its meaning is illustrated through the most bizarre, disturbing, unexpectedly freaky drawings and phrases.

Very Stephen King-ish! But original.


concentrate  silence


triumph abandon


get pretend


What do you think? Do you like it or does it freak you out?

Comments (4)

  • LOL. A bit disturbing and funny if you’re normal. Just plain funny if you’re not.

  • This is a cool and interactive dictionary! What do you think about publishing one like this?

  • wow, those are pretty funny!

  • –@ Phil: so did YOU find it disturbing or funny? 🙂

    –@ Mihai: If that guy makes a book with these pictures, I am definitely buying it.

    –@ Bookish Spazz: Do you agree with what Phil said? 😀


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