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Yes, man, let’s go for a ride!

I guess the best part of Yes man! was the soundtrack. If it weren’t for Deschannel, the movie would have have sucked 10x more.


This song tickles me just the right way.

What do you think? Do you like the song? Did you like the movie?

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  • I never liked Jim Carrey in full-on-antics mode. He did some really stupendous work in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (which happens to be one of my all-time favourite movies), and he should really move on from appealing to 13-year olds. On the other hand, Zooey Deschanel was delightfully charming, as always.

    The movie, however, has perhaps one of the most unbearable, idiotic moments in movie history: The subplot involving the accusation of terrorism. Why is it so hard for these directors and writers to write a intelligent comedy without relying on idiotic subplots like that?

  • –@Phil: I couldn’t agree more. I liked Jim Carey in Man on the Moon as well. Otherwise, he’s really obnoxious, as far as I’m concerned.
    As I’ve said, the best thing about the movie was the soundtrack, IMO.

  • Ieri am dat peste postul asta si mi-am adus aminte ca nu am vazut filmul asta. Mi-a placut filmul, a fost ok. Mesajul a fost suficient de puternic cat sa ma determine sa ies in oras, desi nu aveam chef. Si nu mi-a parut deloc rau. 🙂

  • –@ Catalin: It’s good that you liked the movie and were motivated by its message. I guess that’s the purpose of watching movies, right? As far as I’m concerned, I always start from the premise that a Jim Carey movie would suck. Sometimes I’m wrong. But not too often 😉


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