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7 reasons I’m a big geek

Thanks to The Naked Redhead, I stumbled across The Secret Society of List Addicts. It’s such a cool blog, it was love at 1st read.

One of the lists was about things that make some of us big geeks.

Here are 7 items from my kilometric list.


1. I am a geneticist. I work in a lab and I wear a white lab coat. I calculate molar concentrations of very dangerous substances on a regular basis.


2. I’ve used the nomenclature NaCl about as many times as the more mundane version, “table salt”


3. I’ve just had a conversation with my boyfriend about the geostationary orbit and thought it was really cool stuff.


4. Most of my friends have at least a Master’s degree.


5. When on The Big Bang Theory they joke about dumb people who mistakenly say the derivative is used to calculate the area under a curve, instead of an integral, I understand what they mean.


6. I have Nature Genetics in my RSS Feeds list.


7. I love Star Trek and my favorite character from Friends is Ross.




What would be on your list? I know there’s a geek hiding in each and every one of you!

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  • Ooh that’s a great blog! I am such a big geek. Most of it has to do with me being on the internet, having so many places that I frequent on there, as well as how I play video games all day and read science fiction novels and watch the scifi channel.


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