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While rummaging through my childhood photos at home, I came across this




taken at my cousin’s wedding where I was a flower girl.

The dress was made by my Grandma from one of my Mom’s old dresses. It was this color. And I loved it. I remember feeling like a princess. What 4-year old girl wouldn’t feel like a princess in a long, pink-ish dress? I also remember loving those little appliqué white flowers my dear Mom sew on the dress. I was very happy with my outfit.


The only thing that kind of spoiled things for me was this




Yes, sneakers. Not your usual princess attire.

Unfortunately my parents were going through a rough patch financially at the moment so they couldn’t afford to buy me new shoes (this is the explanation I got from my Mom for this abomination).

What’s worse is that I knew running shoes didn’t go well with the dress. I knew they looked ridiculous. But I somehow managed to get over it, get my shit together and didn’t throw a tantrum or started crying (what you might call my usual routine). I probably figured tantrums and screams didn’t go with the princess dress either.


Whenever my Mom looks at this photo she gets a bit sad and regretful “we couldn’t gather enough money to buy you shoes…”. And while at a larger scale this could indeed seem sad and all (not affording one pair of shoes means things were not at all rosy), this makes me appreciate my Mom’s efforts even more for making that cute dress and making her little girl feel like Cinderella at the ball. Minus the crystal shoes.

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  • You are so cute!

    I also have a similar memory and I understand so well this “feeling like a little princess”. I was 6 years old and I went to a wedding. I also had a long dress, but it was made of red velvet 😀 Before the wedding I got on this dress every evening and I played “the pricess writing with a feather” role.

  • I didn’t even notice the shoes until you pointed them out 😛

    also, are you standing on a chair?

  • –@Graethel: I had a feather pen too. It didn’t write very well, and that scratching noise drove me crazy.

    –@Bookish Spazz: yes, I’m standing on a chair. The photographer wasn’t very inventive or inspired…


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