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Chic Sundays

Chic Sundays: my oh my!

Mary Jo from Trust Your Style did a sort of interview of me for her “Eye on style” section.

Needless to say I was super thrilled about this invitation. I really love her blog, it’s one of my daily reads.

The outfit I’m wearing in the picture I sent her is this one:


Last Sunday was actually the first time I wore this dress although it’s been more than a year since I bought it my Mom bought it for me as a present.

The feel of silk against the skin is very pleasant, which is one of the reasons I like the dress so much.

And speaking of skin, I can’t believe how white I am, zero tan, which probably explains why my skin gets lobster red after only 30 min in the sun.

I’m very proud of buying my leather sandals which were 70% off (only $10).

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  • Wow, that’s a really nice dress!! As far as tans go, set me out in the sun and I will bake like a gingerbread man. I get dark quick.

  • how many pairs of glasses do you actually have?

  • oups, ignore the last comment. I was sure that in the photo taken by D’s graduation your glasses were purple, but they were actually blue, just like here 😀 sorry

  • You look very nice in that outfit.

  • Sweetie-pie, you know I love you right? Which makes this twice as hard to say, but then again, I’m only saying it because I care, so remember that before pouting at me, mmkay? Posture, my darling, please, for the love of everything cute and 70% off, you look like a model, why are you hunching like E.T.?

    Still love you, please don’t Mutley-mumble at me, I’m wearing 6″ stilettos, don’t burden your conscience. ;;)

  • –@Bookish Spazz: I envy you, I’d like to get dark too, but I just get burnt. Bleah!

    –@Graethel: yup, same pair. They’re super light. By far the best pair I’ve had

    –@Phil: Thanks [blushing emoticon].

    –@Twee Bubbly Klutz: Do you know what 3h of shopping can do to you? Sure you do, what am I saying, you’re the queen of long shopping sprees. So that’s why I was hunching. That and the handbag, which was super heavy. Not a good day for me.
    6″ stilettos? What color? Can we see a pikshur?

  • -@Alexandra: Oh, in that case, I’m sorry, tweety, lemme give you a smoochie and make it better, 3 days late, but hey, can’t hurt, can it? Black, of course, you know I love me some pink, but come on, there is such a thing as going too far, and pink effing 6″ stilettos qualify. Pikshur… hmmm… Don’t know if I can upload one, because my home computer is still crashed, and the one at work has been restricted from accessing USB devices, guess why :D, and OMG TECHNOLOGY HATES ME, AND I DON’T KNOW WHY, I LOVE THE INTERNET SO MUCH, WHERE ELSE CAN I STARE FOR HOURS AT RYAN GOSLING AND JOSH GROBAN WITHOUT BEING SLAPPED WITH A COURT ORDER??? And where was I? Right, so, basically, I’ll try but I don’t know if I can put up said picture and / or others, and that just plain sucks, because they’re bloody gorgeous. Terrifyingly high, but gorgeous!


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