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Chic Sundays: organizing tools

I’ve been looking for a nice accordion folder for quite a while. I desperately need one to put all the paper junk that now lies in 10 million little paper folders scattered around in the livingroom bookcase.

Yesterday I found THE perfect accordion folder at Chapters/Indigo, a bookstore that sells more than books.

Look how pretty:



And look at the cute patterns on these folders that came with it:


I keep fantasizing about how it’s going to be when all the papers will be organized in these beauties. I’m going to take some time off just so I can admire the neatness of my bookcase and also the huge amount of space that I will be able to fill with other junk! Yeah, baby!

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  • Has anybody told you that you are –such– a girl? 🙂

    I had one of those accordion organisers when I was an undergraduate student. Took it everywhere with me (I always took notes on loose-leaf sheets).

    It was beige. With a zipper.

  • I’ve been told I throw like a girl (i.e I cannot throw things, it’s like my hands turn to rubber when I have to throw something).
    And yes, now I’m in a hippie-deco phase and don’t give a damn about minimalist stuff. The more flowers the better!


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