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Must-see movies

I feel a bit overwhelmed with movies that seem really, really good.


Like An Education, a movie about “a young girl beyond her years who meets a man beyond his boundaries”.


Or 500 Days of Summer with the lovely Zooey Deschanel and the absolutely adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (Does anyone else think he looks like Heath Ledger?)


Or Public Enemies, a movie about bank robber John Dillinger, starring Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and my favorite French actress Marion Cotillard who doesn’t seem to have a French accent at all…

“What is it exactly you do for a living?” “I’m John Dillinger. I rob banks.” Awesome.


And another wonderful French movie, Coco Avant Chanel about the creator of Chanel no. 5, starring Audrey Tautou.


And to lighten things up a bit, I also want to see White on Rice, a movie about growing up and finding love.


I can hardly wait!

Any good movies you want to see?

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  • I found “Coco avant Chanel” just gorgeous! It’s such an inspiring movie about believing in your self and following your beliefs.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but may I recomand you “Adam’s Apples”? It’s by far in “TOP 5 – Flavia’s favourite movies”.


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