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On twittering

I don’t use Twitter although I probably made an account a while ago. I can’t remember the username I chose or my password for that matter.

I’m not twittering because it would be a waste  of time. I don’t have a smart phone (or any kind of phone. Yes, you heard me. I DO NOT OWN A MOBILE PHONE. We also don’t own a TV and our apartment doesn’t have a phone line. What’s more, our Amish cousins are trying to convince us to give up our Internet connection. But so far we stood our ground) so how would I twitter? I don’t see the point of twittering only from my computer. That’s just lame. So until I decide to buy one of those phone+mini PC+blender+toaster gadgets I won’t be sharing with the world the mindless crap that spawns unremitted from my creative intellect.


Now that we’ve settled this, here are some nice Twitter-related links.


Real-life Twitter. Really sweet.


Twitter on paper

Twitter on Paper is a new service that allows you to request paper editions of tweets. ’Editions‘ isn’t really the right word, since they are one of a kind. But basically, how it works is: you ask for a tweet and I mail one to you. By post. In the real world.


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Twitter street art



And finally, Tweety bird is suing Twitter for $500M. Didn’t know that, did you?

Attorneys for diminutive yellow bird charge that Twitter, whose logo is a diminutive blue bird, is guilty of “toppy-white infwinz-ment” and theft of “inta-wectual pwa-puddy.” The suit also requests unspecified damages for “pain and tuffawing.”

A spokesman for Mr. Bird demanded that Twitter cease and desist from using the term “tweet” in its business practices — claiming that it is confusing consumers and negatively impacting the Tweety Bird product line of pajamas, lunchboxes, fridge magnets, bobbleheads and speech impediment DVDs.

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