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Who let the dogs out?

I bought this nice picture frame last winter. I really liked the paisley fabric covering it and thought it was perfect for my night table. Oh, and it was 80% off so that triggered the “Gotta have it!” neuronal path so I bought it.



It came with this picture of a dog which, I found, was much better than the picture of the perfect family out on a picnic or those two love birds enjoying a stroll on the beach on a sunny afternoon. Bleah!

The dog looked more or less like Dooce’s dog Coco, a sweet Australian shepherd.




Waiting for a photo of our own to put in the frame, I kept the dog picture and put the frame on my nightstand. What? It could have easily been my dog. If I were one of those crazy people who frames pictures of their dogs.

And oh, boy, this drove D crazy! Whenever I came home I would find the frame face down, a gesture meant to say “I told you I hate that dog. I do not want to see a picture of that dog. Don’t make me look at a picture of that dog!”. But every day some fiendish little elf would set the frame upright again.


This little game went on until one morning when, while I was sleeping, D slowly turned the frame+dog picture around so that it would face me when I wake up. It stood literally 2 inches away from my face! So when I opened my eyes that morning the first thing I saw was the head of a dog staring down at me. I guess for a fraction of a second I was a little bit scared. I felt like I was standing in front of a dog god and had to bow to it! But I quickly came to my senses and proceeded to have a good laugh. I love it when I start my day with laughing at a silly little prank like this one, even if I’m the one who got pwned.

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