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Photographic musings

Bokeh, sweet bokeh

I’m starting a new category. Photographic musings. Where I’m going to post, you guessed it genius, photography-related stuff.


Now just to let you know, I’m no expert. D is the one obsessed with all the diffraction, reflection, refraction, you know, the boring stuff.

I’m interested in the final result, not all the Physics required to get there. Which means I don’t have the reflex to think about camera settings before I take a picture. I usually just push the button, and when I see that OH BOY it looks like I just shot a nuclear plant exploding, I think that maybe, MAYBE I should, you know, DECREASE THE EXPOSURE TIME! 


Here’s what we’re shooting with:

– camera #1: Canon Rebel XTi. That’s my camera. Very easy to use, and it’s got live view (which I honestly haven’t used that many times).

– camera #2: Canon 20D. That’s D’s camera. He says it’s better than mine, and I believe him. It is better.

– Lens #1: Sigma EX 10-20mm a very wide lens, great for landscape photography.

– Lens #2: Canon EF 50mm F1.8 quite fast, great for indoor photography and portraits. Although it can go up to F1.8, the sharpest is around 3.5 which kind of sucks.

– Lens #3: Canon EF 200mm, an absolute gem of a lens. The depth of field is AMAZING; the contrast and sharpness are beyond perfection.

– Filters: IR, polarizing and UV


Let me show you some examples of nice depth of fields (or depths of field?), which are the blurry backgrounds that make the subjects stand out more. Bokeh refers to the effects that appear in the out of focus areas of a picture.


Canon 20D + 50mm lens @ f2.8

I was lucky enough to manage to focus exactly on the bubble. I’m really proud of this actually.




Canon XTi + Sigma 100mm Macro lens (rented but soon to be added to our gear) @ f2.8

Don’t you just LURV the background? Granted, this one’s tweaked a bit in Lightroom to make the green pop up.




Canon D20 + Sigma 200mm @ f2.8

I have no idea what was behind the purple flowers but it looks AMAZING, doesn’t it?




This one has a nice bokeh, I think. D really nailed it here, hat’s off. The source of light in the background is actually the sunlight reflecting against some car window.




If you guys have any ideas of topics I could include in this section, please, suggest away! Otherwise I’m just going to throw lots of photos at you!

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  • wow, I love the bubble picture!!

  • Actually your camera is a Canon Rebel XSi but like you said, let’s not get into technicalities.

  • I love Canons. I have a Canon Rebel XSi and I love it.
    Your photos are beautiful! I can’t wait to see more!


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