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Chic Sundays: Amazon goodies

I got my Amazon order this Friday. Look!

This one is my absolute favorite, it contains so many good tips, it has little maps with romantic walks you can take along the Seine or  around Montmartre, I can hardly wait to rediscover Paris.





eat.shop.Paris is book I’ve been coveting for a long time. This one too, is filled with yummy images from quirky, unique little stores.



Paris handmade is a cute addition to the collection about handmade and vintage stores across Paris. It’s pure eye candy, I tell you!



My guide book collection. [The Matryoshkas came with me from Prague.]



Do you take guide books with you when you travel? Or do you just play it by ear?

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  • Wow that looks interesting! I actually don’t travel often enough to need a guide book. The only places I’ve ever traveled really were Disneyworld and New Zealand. When I went to Disney I had a couple guidebooks, and when I went to New Zealand I was visiting people so they were my own personal guidebooks!


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