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I liked this

I read this article written by a Romanian blogger about how nowadays women choose to give birth in all possible ways except the natural way.

While I don’t think that having a baby through C section is the end of the world, I really liked the rest of the article, which rang totally true to me.

I’ve translated (and adapted) it for you guys.

We are witnessing a technological revolution and we are preparing for one in genetics. We have esthetic surgeons and we get our sun tan from a box. We are so stressed and that our only answer to “how are you” is “I’m tired”.

We invented the mobile phone only to have to upgrade and optimize it to bring it to silence. So that it won’t disturb us. We combined substances and found cures for the above-mentioned fatigue. We buy packs of RedBull and then we go to the doctor’s office asking for a sleeping pill prescription.
We wish for the most expensive make-up products and we forget how we really look like in the morning. We use all sorts of perfumes meant to sell the most stylish version of us to the others. And we end up not recognizing ourselves in our highschool photos. Or even believing in the fake image of ourselves that we remove each evening when we home. We make copy-paste replies so that we look smart when using Messenger or Facebook and we learn how to use Photoshop for making all our wishes come true.

We want to have everything under control. We set the morning alarm and even the sweetest doze is turned into a few seconds carefully timed by the snooze button. We plan our vacations months ahead because the plane ticket is much cheaper. We go grocery shopping once a week in the supermarket because anyway the UHT milk we buy will still be good a year from now. Health in a box! Even the most important moments are minutely planned. Or we let others take care of this.


What do you guys think?

Is this programming really that bad? Are we slowly turning in the characters from A Brave New World?

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  • 🙂

  • Very well written. I think she has a really good point. I definitely agree that, to an extent, we are definitely becoming that bad… although there are still some people that try not to succumb to such things.


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