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Link love Fridays: funny stuff

Hello readers!

I’ve just come across Funny Exam containing scans of funny answers given by students.

Check out this guy’s answer:




Mother fucking snakes on the mother fucking plane!


Mother Fucking snakes


My absolute fave is this guy’s description of the curve.




Changing topic a tad, how cute are these ads for the Banham Zoo and Bronx Zoo?

Via No Quedan Blogs.

Banham Zoo Jaguar


Banham Zoo Puma


Bronx Zoo Zebra


This drawing made me laugh. Do you think it’s true?


things our grandkids will not know

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  • Haha very entertaining!!

  • I hate to say it, but I don’t understand analog clocks. It takes me five minutes to read them, and by the time I figure out what the time is, it’s already changed.


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