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The price of happiness

I’m sure you guys have already heard of TED, a wonderful website filled with ideas worth spreading.

If you haven’t, do check it out, it’s one of the best parts of the Internet, the bad parts being that it feasts on your personal time and that it’s filled with pictures of Paris Hilton. But TED, oh, that really makes up for all the bad parts, really, it does.


One of the talks I watched was this one, by Benjamin Wallace, on The Price of Happiness. The author samples the most expensive things out there, be it white truffles, Kobe beef, wine, or a suite at the Four Seasons in Manhattan and then expresses his viewpoint on whether that particular item is worth its price .



Among the ridiculously expensive things he tried out, there also was a $6000 toilet. Made in Japan, of course. I say of course because as far as I know Japan is the only country in the world where toilet technology is an actual branch of technology.

It’s fully automated — you walk towards it, and the seat lifts. The seat is preheated. There’s a water jet that cleans you. There’s an air jet that dries you. You get up, it flushes by itself. The lid closes, it self-cleans. Not only is it a technological leap forward, but I really do believe it’s a bit of a cultural leap forward. I mean, a no hands, no toilet paper toilet. And I want to get one of these.

I mentioned this to D after I watched the video and the conversation that followed was very a la Seinfeld, I find. “What does he mean by ‘no hands’? Tell me, does the Neorest 600 have a hand that pulls down your pants?”. Umm, yeah, I’m sure this would be a very cool feature. And eventually when you’re done iy could also give you a pat on the butt saying ‘ok, son, you’re  good to go’.

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  • Toilet technology seems to be very important. The US could take a little note from the Japanese because some of our public toilets are horrific. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hilarious! I love TED, need to get back to it!


  • That was a great video. Josh and I both enjoyed it. I am definitely going to be frequenting that site! Thanks!

  • My high school Physics teacher once asked the men of our class, “So how hard is it for you guys to pee without having to use your hands”. “Hard,” we said.

    Full automation. What bliss.


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