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Oh so in love…

I can’t really digest all that has happened in the last week… I have a hubby now, one that’s hungry for kisses and who is constantly telling me how sexy my legs are. I read this post on Nina’s blog today and I realized it’s so true…

the "perfect" wedding is one that finds you waking up next to a man who is whispering "good morning, wife." you reach for his hand, feel the ring, and realize — this is my husband.

We are leaving Paris tomorrow and we’re heading straight to Venice for a romantic trip part deux.

In the meantime, a picture of yours truly on a merry-go-round.



Have a good weekend!

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  • Hey Alex,

    Congratulations! And you look very pretty and happy. I’m assuming those hearts weren’t photoshoped in…

  • Thanks, Phil!
    The hearts are not photoshoped in. We put a little piece of cardboard with a heart-shape decoupage in it in front of a 50mm lens.


    You look very pretty in your picture 🙂

  • Beautiful quote! Congratulations, hun! You are so incredibly gorgeous!!


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