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Chic Sundays

Chic Sundays: flower hair pins from My Bella Bows

So first of all, I thought today was Sunday. This Thanksgiving weekend seemed like a week to me, mainly because we just stayed inside, worked on our honeymoon pics and drank lots of tea.


What I wanted to show you today are some hair pins I bought from My Bella Bows before we went to France.

I just took this yellow one with me…





… because it went better with the clothes I took with me, but I also bought this fuchsia one.




I wore the yellow one almost everyday, which my Mom noticed today as I was showing her the pictures. She also was kind to share that they are a tad big, but I disagree. I like that they’re big and pop out, giving some color to any outfit.


And this is how the yellow one looks in my hair.


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