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Chic Sundays

Chic Sundays: my (Monday) take on scarves

The winter is almost here, guys! And not just ANY WINTER, no, a Canadian winter is on the way. If you don’t know better, you might be fooled by the nice weather outside, and the lovely trees, but I know winter is coming, with snow storms, icy roads and freezing winds. Oh, yeah! Can’t wait for that. NOT!


But I will prepare myself. Mitts, a warm hat, and a warm wool scarf are essential. And you know me (at least you should, by now), always trying to pull off that chic & trendy look even in the midst of winter when normally you should only worry about covering every single inch of your body with bear skins lest you be found on the side of the road frozen. So can I interest you in a wonderful December holiday for 2 in Montreal? I didn’t think so!


But I digress. Look at these wonderful scarves!


943577_023_b 943714_011_b





In order from the top:

1. Kindled warm scarf (Anthropologie)

2. Crocheted Aster scarf (Anthropologie)

3. Pond Lily scarf (Anthropologie)

4. Oversized scarf in fine Merino (Etsy)


The most tempting one for me it’s #3, the yellow one (does it surprise you at all?) which goes super well with this cloche (from Anthro as well).

I am so tempted! You have no idea! I might just buy both of them. Hey, I work hard, I’m allowed to surprise myself with a little something.

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