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District 9

We caught a 9:30 pm show on Monday at a cinema 2 minutes from our house. This meant that 1. I could wear my PJs under my coat and my UGG boots and no one would notice (my PJ pants don’t really look like PJ pants, they’re more or less regular linen pants) and 2. there wouldn’t be a lot of people in the cinema. And by this I mean there were just two: D and I.


The movie was GREAT! Although a bit too violent for a Monday evening, right before going to bed.


I liked:

  • how it originally combines documentary-like scenes and “regular movie” scenes
  • the plot. Some may say it’s an old idea, aliens coming to Earth, blah blah, but I’ve never seen a movie in which the aliens are kept in concentration camps and living among humans. This, I thought, was something new.
  • the setting. Not Manhattan or any other place in the US, but Johannesburg, South Africa. Also original.
  • the mystery. Even at the end we don’t know why the aliens came to Earth. But that’s not the point. The movie is character-driven
  • basically the whole story. How Wikus turn from this office worker in his V-neck vest into a killing machine. How you as a spectator begin to root for the aliens and hate the commandos that are trying to kill without blinking. How the same moral values are shared between humans and aliens.
  • the possible happy ending.


I disliked:

  • nothing I can think of.


Definitely one of the best movies of 2009.

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  • Loved it too…I also thought it sometimes looks like a they filmed it with irony for some of the human reaction (Vikus looks and acts like a wuss sometimes, and then you see a huge leap of violence…)

    You should take a look at Peter Jackson’s earliest movies, they’re quite delirious, some of it is kept in the style of D9.

    Waiting for Avatar now, different story and technologies…

  • The setting is not unintentional. The director was born there ( or was it the writer, I can’t remember ) and it’s supposed to be a metaphor for the Apartheid. At least according to these guys:

    I love that you loved it. 😀

  • I liked it more than I initially thought I would.

    > I disliked:
    > nothing I can think of.

    I can think of one thing. For most of the movie, the writing was thoughtful and well-paced. Fast-forward to the ending, and the movie ‘degrades’ into a typical action sci-fi flick, complete with laser-guns and battling bots.

  • @ Cri: didn’t he do Lord of the Rings?
    @Twee: Yup, a friend showed me some pics and apparently they had Districts in South Africa, only for white people.
    @Phil: yeah, I guess it there is a bit of “fireworks” in the end. I didn’t mind it at all. I was kind of expecting it, somebody had to show it to those bad guys!

  • Agreed! I’ve also never wanted an alien baby so badly in my life.

  • @ TNR: Funniest thing I’ve read all day. Unless it was sarcastic, because I seem to remember something about you not being programmed to gush at the first drool, vomit & poo-ball ( extra! extra! 3 for the price of one, special offer ) that’s being baby-carried your way?!


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