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Fiendish! part II

… or when I got scared out of my wits!


D: I’m going to sleep. Are you coming?

Me: Yeah, I’ll take a shower first.


After ten minutes or so I come out of the bathroom, I don’t have my glasses on, which means I’m this close to seeing a wonderfully fuzzy bokeh.




After a few seconds of squinting I manage to perceive a person-shaped hump on the bed, hidden under the blanket. So I whisper “honey, are you sleeping?”. No answer. “Honey?”. I take a few steps… slowly, I step into the dark room…

And then from behind the bedroom door somebody yells “Booga booga booga!” and grabs my waist!


I, of course, almost passed out right there for a split second and when I came to my senses I screamed like a baby. I almost peed my PJs.


I tell you, there’s nothing worse than that 10th of a second when your soul almost jumps out of your body. And when it finally decides to come back, because hey, it’s just an unsleeping boyfriend husband,  it comes back to a body into which blood is being pumped 10 times faster by a berserk heart! Not a cool sensation at all.


TO BE CONTINUED (yes, there is a part III).

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  • 😛 I hate getting scared like that, but I like to scare people.


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