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How could I put into words the overall atmosphere that best describes our home? Silly? Childish? Perhaps a metaphor would be better: worthy of a Boy Scout camp. Despite our age and the fact that we’ve done this very mature thing over in France, D and I act like some 13-year olds away from their parents.


My Mom says it’s all good, “you should always keep your inner child alive”, but dear Lord! our inner children are taking over! Who are you and what have you done to the computer geek and the crazy blogger? Well, the crazy blogger is still here, but the computer geek has been kidnapped and replaced with a fiendish clone!

It’s the only explanation I could find for all the pranks I’ve been played on lately.




The mouse in the cupboard was how it all began.

I’ve bought this wooden toy mouse from Berlin. You have to first spin the wheels to wind it up, then put it on a smooth surface and whoosh! away it goes!





D has been quite taken with it because, hello!? it’s got some mechanical parts which make the wheels go round and round, need I say more?

That being said, I should have put it all together, it’s not rocket science: you take a prankster like D, a small moving toy, and you’re bound to have the toy falling on your head from the kitchen cabinet as you reach for the sugar! You’re bound to!

Yes, it fell on my head. Go ahead and read that last sentence once again!

The mouse had been carefully wound up, set to go, but its impetus ended by a pack of sugar against which someone (read: D) had propped it. And it stood there, hours, days maybe (I still don’t know when the deed was done), all wound up, waiting for the sucker who would grab the pack of sugar. Turns out that sucker was me!


There I was preparing some chamomile tea… La la la! The kettle was wheezing, I gently poured the hot water into a mug and then reached for the sugar when the mouse went whoosh! and it hit me in the head. IN THE HEAD! You know that protuberance above the neck? That’s where it hit me! I could have died! Well, not really, the thing barely weighs 10 grams, but still… I was hopping mad!


And then for some unfathomable reason I burst out laughing. I kept telling myself “stop laughing, this isn’t funny”, except it was. SO FUNNY! I was having one of those alleged outer body experiences where I was watching the whole thing happening in slo-mo. Including the part when I closed my eyes in the face of danger and raised my arms above my head to protect myself from the creature of hell. That was a funny sight I was seeing.



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  • Those crazy mice, you just never know what they’re going to do. btw, I loved Jerry kozinsky’s postcard–I’m still laughing!

  • 🙂 :)) :))) you get the point. Hope you didn’t get a boo-boo. >:D

  • -@Mary Jo: I loved it too. So funny!
    -@TBK: no boo boo.


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