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Photographic musings

From this… to this…

I’m sharing my photographic discoveries once again, because I’m so excited!

I’ve been wanting to get that vintage, old photograph look for my pictures for like, EVER! It makes the pictures seem so dreamy…

So look what I’ve done this evening!


Straight out of the camera picture (ok, maybe I boosted the reds & greens a bit, so what?):




Tweaked a bit in Lightroom, closer to what I had in mind, but still quite far (I posted this yesterday) no, I did not.




And TA DA! I love the way this turned out. Reminds me of the set in Amelie Poulain.


IMG_2094 copy 2

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  • Lovely, as per usual. Are you mad at me, pookie? Please please please forgive me. I am so very very sorry. I miss you.


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