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In Mtl

I was going to post from the airport yesterday, but the Internet connection was lousy.

Those 5 hours spent on planes from Savannah to Montreal went by like that [snap fingers] because I was sorting through the 30GB of photos we took in our honeymoon. So prepare for a few posts filled with the right amount of pictures to make you jealous and me sad because I am back at 15 degrees C.


I don’t have pictures of the wedding yet, but Caroline has posted one on Facebook. So I’m sharing it with you guys.


Alex and Daniel


I’ll be returning to my usual blog routine as of Friday with Link Love.

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  • beautiful!
    Btw, Alina posted one on facebook right after the wedding 😛

  • –@ Laura: Yes, I know Alina posted one. But we’re waiting for the pics from the photographers. We walked around Vieux Lyon for 3h taking pictures. I can hardly wait to see them.

  • Awww! Such a nice photo!

  • 🙂 Lovely… Makes me even more sad I wasn’t there… 🙁

  • Am so anxious to see them!!By the look of this one they must be really wonderful!!!

  • Interesting. The photographer has a fairly regular style — very bright reds and greens, tinged with beige and stone backgrounds.

    I assume the ‘vintage’ look is post-processing and not from a filter?


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