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Link love Fridays

Link love Fridays: cute kids, Polaroid and From me to you

Is your Halloween costume scary?

We won’t be going to any party, and this holiday is not really to our taste, so I won’t be posting anything Halloween-esque today.


Instead, some links I enjoyed this last week.


You HAVE GOT TO SEE this! I laughed so hard! This little boy is hilarious. Kind of like what I feel like today, after a week of work and (hope not) a cold.



Poor little girl, papa just played a trick on her!



I’ve discovered Jamie’s photography blog, From me to you. I can’t say how much I love it!


from me to you


Some good news: Polaroid is back! I can’t wait to try it. I was planning on buying some film from eBay but given that the stocks existing today are going to expire soon, even that was only going to last for so long.


And a good song to end with: Walk with me by Eva Keretic. I first heard when Caroline added it as a soundtrack to our photogallery.


Isn’t it just great?


Have a spooky Halloween! And don’t overdose on candy!

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