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Link love Fridays: the marshmallow test

It’s the weekend, yay!

I’m going to start this post with a very cool poem I read on Joanna’s website. One of their relatives read it at their wedding. How sweet!


I’ll Be There For You” by Louise Cuddon

I’ll be there, my darling, through thick and through thin
When your mind’s in a mess and your head’s in a spin
When your plane’s been delayed, and you’ve missed the last train.
When life is just threatening to drive you insane
When your thrilling whodunit has lost its last page
When somebody tells you, you’re looking your age
When your coffee’s too cool, and your wine is too warm
When the forecast said, “Fine,” but you’re out in a storm
When your quick break hotel, turns into a slum
And your holiday photos show only your thumb
When you park for five minutes in a resident’s bay
And return to discover you’ve been towed away
When the jeans that you bought in hope or in haste
Just stick on your hips and don’t reach round your waist
When the food you most like brings you out in red rashes
When as soon as you boot up the bloody thing crashes
So my darling, my sweetheart, my dear…
When you break a rule, when you act the fool
When you’ve got the flu, when you’re in a stew
When you’re last in the queue, don’t feel blue
’cause I’m telling you, I’ll be there.




Next on the list is the cutest video I’ve ever seen. What happens when you ask some 5 year olds to choose between 1 marshmallow now or 2 marshmallows 30 min later? Oh! the agony!


Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.




And final item on today’s list, from Letters of Note – correspondence deserving of a wider audience, this wonderfully funny set of letters.

Over the course of four years in the 1970s, artist G. C. Haymes sent approximately 500 letters to a wide-ranging selection of high profile people as part of a project entitled Skymail. Enclosed alongside the letters were return postcards, upon which the recipients were asked to ‘describe the sky’. Below is the original letter and two of the 28 replies Haymes received, chosen due to the brilliantly contrasting tone and content of each. They were written by authors Isaac Asimov and Jerzy Kosinski.

Original request




Isaac Asimov’s answer




Jerzy Kosinski’s answer




Have a lovely autumnal weekend!

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  • I do like Asimov’s description. Very clear.

    I’m almost certain that the marshmallow test has some deep sociobiological significance in that kids who are better able to delay gratification turn out better in the future. I want to say that Daniel Goleman wrote about this in one of his Social/Emotional Intelligence books, but that I can’t be certain.


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