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Oh sunny day!

It’s been such a wonderful autumn day, quite chilly even around noon but so sunny!

After some morning reading and a hearty oatmeal & granola breakfast (yum!) I went for a stroll leaving D with his faithful companion, the Internet.


This is our street, a few steps from our door. Isn’t autumn beautiful?




After a rather large detour I found myself near Sq. Saint Louis where each time I pass by I admire these colored rooftops…




and these yellow chairs in front of an enticing crêperie Bretonne.



I continued on Saint Denis, my absolute favorite street in Montreal, passed by this candy store, but resisted the temptation.




And then I went to Parc Lafontaine, the park of squirrels galore! No pictures of the furry creatures this time, though.






I sat a little bit on a bench to rest my feet and watch a bunch of Shepherd dogs chase the squirrels.


!IMG_3596 !IMG_3598


On my way back home I spotted these pumpkins in front of a fruit & veg store and couldn’t resist their charm so I snapped one last picture.




I’ll leave you guys with a quote from The Office.

Dwight: No, I disagree. ‘R’ is the among the most menacing of sounds. That’s why they call it murder and not muckduck.

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