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Chic Sundays

Chic Sundays: for the love of Polaroids

Hello darlings!

I hope you had a fun weekend. Ours was quite tiring, but good tiring, you know what I mean? We went to Quebec City on Saturday and to Mont Saint Hilaire, near Montreal today. I’ll probably post some pictures soon.


Anyway, today is about Polaroids! And on how gorgeous they look on your walls, above your bed, or on a string secured with black binders.




polaroids on desk


2351476729_fdd01f059d_o (2)


polaroid cork board


Polaroid Love


Polaroid wall



ap therapy



Apartment Therapy Ap Therapy Luciano Noble


itsmeinga photobucket

Last 4 pictures via Anna’s blog.


I am definitely going to use the last idea. Just wait till I get my hands on a camera!

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