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Houston, we may have a problem tomorrow as well

There’s a problem with one of the (many) servers which reside, camouflaged under a desk, in our living room.

So the blog may be down again.


In the meantime, if by some miracle the servers hold their positions, let me tell you how much I love this Indian summer thing. Oh boy! A lot. I love it a lot!

It was so sunny today! Crisp and sunny. My kind of weather. The crispiness wakes you up and the sunshine makes you happy 🙂

Speaking of waking up, it still amazes me how despite my degree of TIRED! yesterday, I still couldn’t sleep like a normal person. I blame it on the heat. You have no idea how hot our apartment is! Nerve-wrecking hot! And you can’t turn the heat down. And, AND! the bedroom window is stuck. I’m beginning to understand why my plants don’t make it to more than 3 weeks inside… I can’t wait to move from this apartment.


Oh, listen to me me babbling and whining! Arghhhh! Somebody bring me back to coherence!


Ok, here we go. Which one of these 3 Photoshop outputs do you like? I can’t decide.







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