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The making of an awesome lamp

Or better said, the assembly of an awesome lamp.


We bought it from Venice, for 10 euros. Quite expensive when you realize it’s just some pieces of plastic AND that you have to figure out how to put it together. On the other hand, you might consider that part of the fun, and then, for the amount of fun we’ve had with this, 10 euros is nothing.


The lamp as we bought it, was just this:




30 pieces of plastic and some instructions in Italian and a broken-to-bits English: “you’ll going to make a kind of bowl”. Got it!




Luckily it also came with some drawings which made everything a lot clearer (for D, it would have taken me days to figure out what piece goes where).

So he started working. He’ll going to make a bowl. Kind of.


IMG_8260 IMG_8257


Piece by piece, it was actually starting to look like a bowl.


IMG_8261 IMG_8264


And voila: the kind of bowl.




This was the hard part. Because once understanded mechanism is very easy. Just leave the washing (?) element like lost! Umm.. Okay!




Now if only we could translate that into a human language… D is just following his gut feeling on this one. Screw the instructions!


IMG_8272 IMG_8289


Wow, it actually looks like something. It’s not like lost any longer.

Ta da!


IMG_8292 IMG_8293


Uh oh! Wait a minute! I think we didn’t leaved the washing element like lost. Re-do last part.




Much better.

What followed was an hour of drilling the ceiling, a “friendly” chat with a neighbor who was “trying to sleep” at 5pm(!) and a victory dance after having secured the lamp on the bedroom ceiling.

All we need to do now is hope it doesn’t come apart in the middle of the night and falls on our heads.

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  • WOW that is SO awesome! Seriously, that is the coolest lamp I ever saw!!!!! I seriously want one and I’m so jealous!!

  • Ummm, I have a dangerously close to short-circuiting electric board. Think I can borrow D for some repairs when you come home for the holidays? Pretty please???


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