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Well, that’s a relief!

So I was planning to write a longer, more interesting post today, but Internet, I’m beat! I’m so tired that even watching a K1 fight with the volume to the max and the subwoofer placed 3 inches from my ear would still be soporific.


So instead of a long post I will share with you a short piece of conversation.


D: So you think I would like reading that book?

Me: Yeah, I honestly think you would. It’s written in a very non-literary style, kind of like a conversation between friends… It’s like a blog!

D: A blog? No, I hate reading blogs. Blogs are boring!

[Long-ish pause]

D: Except for yours. I like yours. Your blog is not boring. […] Come back here! Where are you going? Are you upset?



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  • If I die, promise me I’ll come back as one of your Mini A or Mini D, so I can have front row seats to such conversations. And rat on D if he tries to prank you. Please. Pretty please?! Then it’s settled. If I get sick, you better get to having kids before I kick it! 😀 I need professional help, don’t I? Then again, it’s why you love me, right? Right?!?


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