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Faut partager dans la vie!

This goes back to this September, during our honeymoon in Paris. My sister and her hubby Chip joined us for 4 days and we’ve had the best of times together.


It was their first time in Paris and they just wanted to get as much into those 4 days as humanly possible. And what better way to see Paris – or any city for that matter, but especially Paris – but by foot. So they walked, visited, museums, cathedrals, more museums, all morning till late in the afternoon when we (the lazy ones) would join them for the last activity of the day.


This particular afternoon we were at La Defense, which has always left me bouche bée (*), as the French say. There’s so much contrast with the rest of Paris but I just love it! The whole area, with glass buildings, winding facades, a lot of open space makes me think of a Sci Fi novel. I’m almost expecting androids to come out of the tall towers instead of business men with their black raincoats and black briefcases.




So in this setting we were having loads of fun under the great Defense Arch.

… taking pictures


IMG_1228 IMG_1219


… jumping up and down like maniacs and taking more pictures in the process




And while we were doing this, a French fella’, not older than maybe 18, asks D:

“Could I take a picture with the demoiselle?”.

“Which one?” asks D. “The one with the flower in her hair” says the dude. That was me.

“Is she your girlfriend?” asked the intruder to our party. “Yes, yes she is” came the answer. Although I was his wife by then.

“So can I have a picture of me and her?”

“Umm… No!”

Mais pourquoi pas? Faut partager dans la vie!”(**), which sounded like one of those motivational speakers telling you “Live to the max!”.

[This statement in itself was so ridiculously funny, coming from an idiot who tries to hit on somebody else’s girlfriend/wife, that I just decided to attach it to my vocabulary and use it whenever D doesn’t want to share something. “Did you eat all the Oreo icecream by yourself? Faut partager dans la vie, Monsieur!”]

D stood firm on his position. “Non, ce n’est pas possible. Desolé”(***).


What ensued was my sister, Chip and I watching from a distance and occasionally LOLing as D was having a forced conversation with that guy. I say forced because D was trying to get rid of him without saying something that would lead to tempers being lost. Such a diplomat!

“You have a strange accent. It sounds familiar, but I don’t know what it is exactly. Are you from Spain?” asked the dude.

“Ahem, yeah, sure. From Spain.” said D. I guess he would have said yes to any country that idiot would have placed us in.

Ah! Espagne! Ibiza!” exclaimed our new “friend”. “Beaucoup de fêtes à Ibiza!(#) Party! Party!”.

“Ahem, yeah, sure. Lots of parties!” said D with a very emotionless tone.

“Hey, man, you want a joint? Pas cher du tout!”(~)

“Umm, no thanks.” answered D very politely.

And then walked away, leaving the “poor” guy with nothing but defeat. No picture with the girl, no joint purchase.

The little scoundrel did however manage to sneak into a photo I was taking of my sister. This way his memory will be cherished forever [shed a tear]… NOT!




(*) être/rester bouche bée – to stand open-mouthed, to stand gaping, to be lost in wonder, to be flabbergasted, to drop one’s jaw.

(**) Mais pourquoi pas? Faut partager dans la vie! – But why not? You must share things in life!

(***) Non, ce n’est pas possible. Desolé. – No, it’s not possible. Sorry.

(#) Beaucoup de fêtes à Ibiza! – Lots of parties in Ibiza!

(~) Pas cher du tout! – Not expensive at all!

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  • This story was amazing! Love love love the ridiculousness of some random guy telling your husband to “share.”

  • Great photos! I love stories like this of overbearing Europeans. I would always take it as a complement when in Italy and speaking Italian would be asked if I was French or English. There’s something nice about not being pigeonholed as an American.

  • El Oh El. 😀

  • What the motherf*@$&$?

    LOL I cannot wait to go to Paris w/ BF now. Just to hear WTF they’ll say (if anything)

  • How did I miss this post? Hilarious! Esp that last picture! And love your new use of
    Faut partager dans la vie! with D.


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