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I could listen to this all day!

I saw Coco Avant Chanel this week too. As you can see I’ve been very busy.


I liked it. But I didn’t fall off my chair struck by how awesome this movie is. It was good but a teensy bit boring. I kept thinking “I’ve seen this before” and then it struck me, I actually had. Coco’s story is similar to Edith Piaf’s story. Poor girl singing in a sleazy bar, the affair with a married man, … I won’t give it all away.

Anyway, it’s worth seeing it, at least for hearing some really good actors speak French and especially for hearing the sweet sound of an American actor playing a British guy speaking French.


I’m talking about Alessandro Nivola, who stars as Coco’s lover, Arthur Capel. I was captivated by his accent as soon as he said “vous êtes élégante” to Coco as she was lying on a sofa in her pajamas.

Seriously, there’s no accent in this world that’s more delightful than an American/British speaking French. Listen to this!



What is your favorite accent?

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