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Photographic musings

Photos from the weekend

Still not feeling 100% above the weather so this is a lightweight post. I guess the title is self-explanatory.









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  • great photos! what kind of camera are you using? hope you feel better soon–and hopefully you’re in bed with a cup of hot choc, watching movies!


  • i like your little birdies. I want to hug them.

  • Beautiful photos!

    I am home sick today actually so I understand your pain. Get well soon!

  • I actually prefer the picture of the hall. Any photo that uses light to such potential gets a double-thumbs-up from me! Did you use that ‘fish eye’ technique for the last one or did the trees just happen to frame it that way?

  • Thanks everyone for your comments and thoughts.
    I am feeling better. I was having a mild case of depression too, I guess, which didn’t help.
    So I didn’t feel like writing.
    The camera I’m using is a Canon XSi and sometimes a Canon 20D with different lenses.

    Stephen, the last one was shot with a 10mm lens, which distorts the image a bit. It makes tall objects appear like they’re converging.
    But it’s not a fisheye lens. I think with a fisheye you can capture images seen under an almost 180 degree angle.


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