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Precious – one for the Oscars

D and I saw Precious this weekend. When I asked him if he liked it he said “So and so. It was too sad”.

Indeed it was. It is a veritable Book of Job. Suffering on top of suffering, on top of more suffering.

After watching this movie you will feel the urge to go hug your mother. And tell her you love her.


The acting is phenomenal! I liked Gabourney Sidibe’s interpretation but I loved Mo’Nique’s take on Mary, the spawn-from-hell, evil personified, abusing mother. When you see that woman acting, you feel like reaching through the screen and scratch her eyes out! It’s that real!


Precious Monique


I’m not going to write a review here, because others have done it way better than what I can come up with. I will tell you this though: go see this! And then give your Mom a call!

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  • Yay, you saw it! Haunting, right?

  • This is definitely on my must see list… not sure I can talk anyone into it, may have to go it alone…

  • I cried my eyes out in the theater but it was a story that needed to be told. Definitely one for the oscars!




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