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The weather outside is frightful…

[ok, so for some reason I forgot to post this yesterday. For my readers from Montreal or anyone who’s watched the weather forecast for Eastern Canada, this wouldn’t make any sense because they would realize the timeline is all screwed up. Therefore imagine you are reading this yesterday. Or that I posted this yesterday.]


I am not a winter person. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

I get cold so easily, that I think my body temperature must be half a degree lower than a normal human being’s. And my extremities, oh boy! Don’t get me started. My hands freeze the moment the temperature goes below my comfortable limit of ~70 degrees as if dunk in liquid nitrogen. My feet, unless protected by a thick layer of insulating material, also freeze within minutes of stepping outside into the cold. For this reason I think that the pair of UGGs I bought last year were the best investment I ever made regarding footwear. BEST INVESTMENT EVER! Whenever I remove my feet from the UGGs (yes, you remove your feet from the boots, not the boots from your feet. Respect the UGG, you Neanderthal!) it’s like I’m taking little brioches out of the oven. They’re steamy hot! My. Feet. Steamy. Hot. Never thought I’d put that in writing.


So you see, winter is not for me. But days like today make me question that. Even if only for a teensy moment.

It was snowing yesterday evening too, but the snow hadn’t really stuck. Then late at night before I went jogging, it stopped and I thought that was it. Silly me, I know. We should have had sidewalks overflowing with snow ten times by now, and I’m hoping the frosted deluge was over…

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning, opened the curtains and saw the whiteness enveloping the street! My inner child was already making plans involving snow balls, sleighing and skiing. Too bad my inner adult brought up my intolerance towards one digit temperatures on the Celsius scale, my dread of speeding sliding objects and – just because my inner adult is a control freak – the fact that I can’t ski!


But for a split second there I was actually happy! There’s something so peaceful about snow and seeing it first thing in the morning.

I put on my slippers and went on the balcony. It wasn’t freezing as it usually happens when it’s snowing so I grabbed my camera and snapped a few mementos.








When I eventually got dressed and left for work, you know what struck me as I stepped outside? The awesome silence. Isn’t it amazing how snow muffles everything? It’s like you’ve got these noise-cancelling headphones on, except you don’t. And you start walking, the snow is crunchy beneath your feet, the snowflakes are bumping against your cheeks, melting your sleep away.


Yes, I loved today’s snow. I’ll probably love tomorrow, hell, I’ll probably love the entire week. Then I’ll start getting bored with it and feel like telling mother nature “Ok, that’s enough! You’re overdoing it again. Now bring back the birds and the tulips please!”. Only that she’ll say “Yeah… I don’t think so. Not for another 4 to 5 months.”

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  • Hi Alex!

    Thanks for stopping by. I remember those noise canceling headphones very well. I couldn’t wait to get out of the new york city snow. and now that i’m away…well, i kind of miss it. Funny enough, I left my uggs behind…big mistake. They’re so comfy they’re great for any climate. I once wore them in Miami…that was a bit overboard, but nonetheless I was comfortable.

    I’ll be following your blog, it’s great.

    ps. i think vellum paper will work. don’t quote me but it’s worth a try.


  • You’re a braver person than I! Any hint of excess cold or heat makes me quickly decide against jogging. Possibly the reason why I’m putting on holiday weight early this year :S

    Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way, and I love:
    – your photos. They’re just awesome, and so *different*, you know?
    – the snow! If it’s going to be bollock-freezingly cold, the least it could do is be vaguely pretty outside, n’est-ce pas?

  • wow! What beautiful pictures!! Looks very cold,though!Stop by

  • forgot to say that i’m stopping by from SitS!

  • That “crunch” sound the snow makes under your boots is one of my favorite sounds in the world, especially when it’s on the backdrop of perfect winter silence like you described.

    Found your site through SITS and I’m glad I did! 🙂 Beautiful photos!

  • Oh, you made me long for snow…. thank you for sharing this, for a minute I was jogging alongside you in the streets of Montreal 🙂


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