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Life, universe and everything


… or another way of saying BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! All caps, that’s right, plus and exclamation mark.


Gawd, I have so much work to do, I feel like my days are just blending in together, like someone is pouring water over the fresh watercolor painting that is my life. I found myself thinking “wait, when did THIS happen? Was it this morning or yesterday?” way too often this week. I don’t even know when this week went by and yet, each day seems so excruciatingly long because of all the stuff that I need to cram into its mere 24×60 minutes.


I’ve never craved the weekend this much in my life. I just want to sleep in, go to the park, process the pictures waiting for me in Lightroom, take new ones, watch some movies, make a cake, all or any of the above.


Do you know how messy our apartment is? No, you don’t and thank God you don’t because it’s something that would probably haunt you for days on end.  Do you know how many meals I’ve cooked this week? A whooping number of one! Which means we’ve eaten lots of grocery store soup, grocery store chicken, and basically no breakfast because we haven’t had time to go shopping for milk.


The weather isn’t helping either, because all the great temperatures we’ve had till Wednesday were just a way to deceive us into thinking that somehow winter is getting tired. It’s snowing again! And this time it brought some horrid gales with it. Wind in your face, strong enough to ensure lift off, snow coming down hard, also in your face means no gym today for Alexandra, no picking up the dry cleaning, no grocery shopping and hence no cereals for breakfast again.


The bright side of all this is that D is fast asleep on the couch beside me (he’s up to his neck in work too), he’s talking in his sleep again, saying the funniest things, like the fact that he’s going to get me a new hard drive that will even work on a Mac. What?!

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