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In the car while driving back from Toronto on a Sunday night, a few weeks ago.


Me: On a scale from 0 to 10 how hungry are you?

D: Are we talking on a linear scale or a logarithmic scale, and if it’s the latter, what base?*

Me: (rolling my eyes) Let’s pretend we’re normal human beings for the length of this conversation and say it’s a linear scale, ok?

D: Then what does 0 mean? And what does 10 mean? Does it mean I’m full or that I’m so full that I want to give my food back?


* if this is not making sense to you, don’t worry. D likes to ask this question a lot. Also, when we’re talking about Physics related stuff he loves saying “Yes, that’s correct. If you’re in a vacuum.” just to be annoying and probably prove how smart he is.

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  • OMG.. lol 🙂

    BF and I are not science whizzes, and thank goodness for that. Imagine the conversations we’d have? 🙂

  • is he a Virgo by any chance?

    you seem like a good match to me 🙂

  • Haha, how you took those responses would have depended a lot on your current mood. So? Did you find it cute or vaguely let’s-slap-you-in-the-face-then-ask-the-question-again?

  • @FB: Sometimes aI’m surprised at the conversations we have… Like major geekiness. But it’s fun!
    @Light Play: He’s a Gemini (I think, I don’t believe in horoscopes). And I’m a Capricorn. So I don’t know if from the astrological point of view we’re a match, but from what I feel point of view, we definitely are!
    @Stephen: I’m usually amused whenverI hear such an answer. It kind of annoys me when he’s overly pedantic and say we’re talking about how fast a piano falls from a 10-storey building, he’d say “yes, but you haven’t taken into account teh fact that the Earth spins around the Sun and the gravitational pull of the Moon” and stuff like that.

  • matt does this to me ALL THE TIME. simple question = super geeky answer. i love it. 🙂

  • I would not get along with your boyfriend.

  • @Rachel: I love it too (most of the times) when I’m in a good mood.
    @Phil: He’s always asking ridiculously annoying questions to a friend of ours who’s a Physicist. But that’s b/c he’s pretty good at Physics. I guess if you prove that you know more Maths than he does, he’ll stop with the questions.


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