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I’m back baby!

Happy Twenty Ten everyone!


Was this Monday the hardest one ever or is it just me? It was brutal to wake up this morning (although, truth be told, for me every morning is brutal, even when it doesn’t follow days of waking up at 1pm and nights of going to bed at 5:30am).


It seems like forever since I wrote something on my petit blog. Since my last detailed post we’ve been to Toronto and New York and I’ve got so many stories to share with you guys. Both trips were amazing. We visited my cousins in Toronto and laughed so much with my sweet 7-year old niece who’s not unlike a little firecracker…


The trip to NY was absolutely fantastic, just enough to give us a taste of The Big Apple’s charm and call us again and again for another visit. We took tons of pictures and I will soon upload them on Flickr.

Speaking of pictures, D bought another camera, a Canon 7D and now he’s experimenting with filming. I bought a new lens, a Tamron 17-50mm f 2.8 which gives me the versatility I needed.


Here’s a little sneak peak – the Brooklyn Bridge seen from the Manhattan Bridge.



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  • Welcome back, tweety, Happy New Year!

  • Welcome back.

  • Glad you’re back!

    Gorgeous picture.

  • Fericita si eu ca te-ai intors-imi lipseau post-urile tale!

  • Hey! Just saw that you checked out my blog. Glad you like it and thanks for visiting. I’ve been out of state for 2 weeks so I haven’t updated it recently but feel free to come back and check it out! Like the pic of the bridge by the way!


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