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Link love Fridays

Link love Fridays: clients from hell, a song and a cute little singing device

Hi everyone!


Hope you guys are having a lovely weekend! We just had a carambola (star fruit) tonight. And both D and I thought it tasted a bit like eucalyptus. Has any of you experienced this? Or are our papillae a bit crazy?


I don’t know if you remember but a while back I was asking for your help with identifying a song that was stuck in my head. Well, a few weeks before the holidays, I got a message from Alina saying that it was Kate Nash – Foundations. It was indeed! Thanks again, Alina 🙂

So here, enjoy it! You probably know it already… I just love that apartment, especially the stairs!



Here are two stories from designers about their clients from hell. Find more here.

After presenting a new design for a company website, the owner leaned over, asked if she could suggest some changes to the layout, got out a black marker and started drawing the changes on my MacBook’s screen. I was stunned.


Client: We love our new building and we thought it would be great to have pictures of it in all four seasons from the exact same angle.

Photographer: That sounds like a really cool project.

Client: Great! So what are the chances having those ready for our convention next month?


What do you think of this funny-looking music player? It’s in conception phase, so not on the market (yet).

Conceptual Design of Music Player & Speaker.
Charaterized by its human voice sensoring & analysing programme, this product rejuvenates the way human beings contact with music. Just sing out loud a little rhythm, the product would instantly record, match your voice with music tracks in wifi or other players and then catch up with you by playing the music you just sang.

Cool concept, right?


music player

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  • Holy crap, wtf are you supposed to say when someone draws on your Macbook screen!! Rage.

  • Thank you for making me a little star in your blog! Happy New Year and keep on blogging (give me something to read at work) 🙂


    P.S. I like Kate Nash very much!


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