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I’m always in a pickle when it comes to choosing presents for D. I know that he doesn’t really want clothes, shoes or perfumes, which is really my area of expertise when it comes to presuntz. He wants electronics, gadgets, and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t say no to a power tool.

The thing is I don’t have the flare for finding the best price for a certain gadget, I can’t say if A is better than B just by reading the specifications and I most definitely don’t have the patience to look for the best deal on tens of websites.


So this year I stuck to T shirts. From Threadless, the Mecca of all tees. And now he is the proud owner of these babies (images lead you to the T shirt page):


Threadless We do What Threadless Tree Town


Threadless Nuts Threadless The cloud menagerie


(My favorite of the four is the last one, The Cloud Menagerie, because it reminds me of when I was a wee lass and at my Grandma’s house in the country I would climb on a haystack, and stare at the sky, trying to find shapes in the clouds. I’m sure we all did this when we were kids…)


A few weeks before Christmas I saw this card on Etsy, in Able&Game’s store and just had to buy it because it fits so perfectly!


Able and Game Star Trek 2 Able and Game Star Trek


Separator Brown


And while I was busy checking the mailbox everyday so that D wouldn’t find the package from Threadless, he was busy telling me that the package he’d just gotten from the Post Office and containing my present was “nothing, just an antenna”.

… obviously a big fat lie because what it really contained was a POLAROID CAMERA (a vintage one from he 70s)!!! And film!




Do I need to tell you how excited I was? and still am? Now I can start working on this little project of mine

What was your favorite present (given or received) this year?

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  • The best present I got this year would probably be my new blackberry, or a pair of louboutin ankle boots my mom gave me. I think that’s very sweet of her, I love shoes.

    ps. polaroid camera is such an awesome gift. I haven’t had one and always want to. I need to scour the vintahe shops one of these days.

    pss. I noticed you’re a blog friend / reader of Cheryl from Confession Of Twenty Something Years Old. Me and a bunch of friends are trying to get her to be featured in 20SB for February. So if you have an account in 20-Something Bloggers please help vote for her. All you have to do is visit here and write “I vote for Cheryl from Confession Of Twenty-Something Years Old” or “I second this nomination” 😀 thanks so much before, I hope you participate!

  • One word for the two of you together: perfection !



  • I love these tees and he must’ve too {btw I once had a bf who converted me to star trek, what a great card!} and that Polaroid is great!!!! Lucky you! Anyway, your story reminds me of the last episode of Mercy “I saw this pig and it reminded me of you” where she gets her husband a whole frozen pig and everyone says it’s ridiculous but he loves it and says it’s the perfect thing.

    Hope you have a great weekend Alex!


  • I’m way behind on your blog, dear!

    Just wanted to say I love that card. It’s hilarious. My fiance got me into Stargate.


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