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During the last few days I haven’t been feeling very well, which meant I spent a lot of time in bed, eating soup and watching TV shows on my laptop. I’m now at Season 3 of Mad About You and I’ve seen the first 8 episodes of Glee.


Which brings me to the topic of today’s post. Glee. A TV show about a highschool singing club filled with some pretty awesome vocal performances and kick-ass dancing but unfortunately quite poor acting, plot inconsistencies and hard-to-believe characters. Personally I watched those 8 episodes for the singing&dancing and Emma’s cute outfits. Those highschool girls with their short skirts and their typical “I want to be popular” issues are starting to annoy me.


However, when I put some more thought into this – because life as a PhD student does not offer sufficient thought-provoking topics by itself – I realized that it’s not (just) the highschool girls that bother me. It’s the far-fetched, barely credible and sometimes absurd situations that make up the plot. The kids at that school seem to do nothing but play football, cheerlead and be go to the Glee club. The men of the show are complete idiots when faced with the idea of pregnancy: Finn thinks that his little swimmers are triathlon athletes who can make it to target through a steamy hot tub; and Schuster, the teacher (so possessor of a college degree) appears to be oblivious of his wife’s fake pregnancy and also of how a sonogram is performed. Geez!


Frankly, I find that the last thing mankind (at least the TV-watching niche) needs is more absurd TV shows. I mean look at how the techniques bordering sci-fi from CSI are taken as real investigation techniques by the majority of people, including jurors. Sure, Glee is not the same thing as CSI. But ask yourself this: how many idiots out there thought, before the real baby daddy was revealed, that the hot tub incident was genuine?


I know what some of you are going to say, that I should just shut up, enjoy the All The Single Ladies dance routines and get it though my brain that this show is a satire and is not taking itself seriously! Or that it’s hard to build a show that has great singing AND a decent plot. No! It’s hard to build a GOOD show that has all that, a show abounding in vocal, acting and writing talent, a show that doesn’t make me go “OH COME ON!” every 30 seconds.


Now… that being said, I also don’t recall boys looking like this when I went to highschool!



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  • Haha I’m glad to finally see someone with a brain who has something to say about these shows. It’s why I don’t even watch them anymore. I would probably feel exactly the same way that you do. Thank you for reaffirming my beliefs in television.

  • Hey!

    Where’d you get that picture of me in Grade 12?

  • I’m still infuriated about “Glee” getting the Golden Globe instead of my beloved “30 Rock”. I’m personally over high school stuff, and I wasn’t impressed with the musical numbers at all. Maybe I’m just bitter, but those are just my thoughts.

  • By the way, Alex, have you watched Community? I think you’ll like it!


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