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Chic Sundays: cloud & rain necklace

A few weeks ago I watched Broken English, a cute indie movie about Nora, a girl from NY and Julien, a boy from Paris. Nora, played by Parker Posey wears these amazing outfits but one item that particularly caught my eye was this cloud&rain necklace.


Parker Posey necklace


Here’s a closer look. 


necklace parker posey broken english


I did a search on Etsy and found some really cute similar necklaces, and not expensive at all! [Click on the images to go to the listings]


From StripeyMonkey, $40




From TheRoyalBead, $42




From ShopNimo, $30




From WickedlyGood, $38




From DoughLadyDesigns, $32




From DvoraSchleffer, $28




And finally, a cloud, a rain drop and an umbrella, from Lanyapi, $26




Happy Monday!

Comments (7)

  • Being not so concerned by the necklace (haha!) I was more surprised to see Parker Posey (bona fide actress) in film still with Drea de Matteo (that one off Joey). Great research though, I suppose it has to be said. The blogosphere seems pretty obsessed with Etsy these days, huh?

  • Awesome! Those necklaces are super cute!

  • This is such an adorable idea for a necklace! I want one now…

  • As a manly man, I will say this in the manliest way possible: Those are cute! I might just get them for a friend or a sis when the occasion comes up. The British love their clouds…

  • I like how you went with this idea. That gold one is pretty nifty and of course I like the bottom one two–pretty! Hope you’re well Alex and staying warm 🙂

    xo Mary Jo

    p.s. I think Phil is still manly even if he things the cloud and rain necklaces are cute!

  • Those are so cute. Thanks for finding those for us. I love the concept. I may have to pick myself up one.

  • I adore that you took the time to find these! I’m very tempted to buy one… or two….
    Also, did you love the movie? Do tell!


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