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Link love Fridays

Link love Fridays: for the love of tea

First of all, I’ve got two things to say.


1. My Valentines Day post from last week was featured on Ella Inspired today. Her blog is so cute, filled with colorful pictures, funny lists and uplifting words of encouragement. A feel good blog is what it is, really. Go check it out!

2. My wedding story has been featured on the French magazine Mariage Attitude. If you want to take a peek, here it is (pages 24-25).

Now for the tea stuff. I am so amazed at how many wonderfully original ideas people can come up with related to such as simple thing as tea. Doesn’t it blow your mind?

[Images linked to their source].


Tea sub for the perfect infusion

tea sub tea sub 2


Sharky tea infuser – for a bloody good infusion 😉

shark_infuser2 shark


Tea origami – beautiful packaging

tea origami


Royal-tea or Democra-tea bags (cute names, right?)





Hanger tea

hanger tea hanger tea 2


Minimalist tea cup

minimalist tea cup minimalist tea cup 2


The Y cup – comes with a seeds pack and can be used as a plant pot

Y cup Y cup 2


Glass kettle – so classy



“Stain” cups  – the more the cups are used, the more the pattern reveals

stain2 stain3


Tea light – so awesome!

tea light tea light2

Comments (7)

  • I don’t speak French but your marriage story article looks brilliant! How exciting to have it featured in a magazine like that!

    All of those tea photos are simply stunning!

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  • This is going to come off as incredibly mean, but marriage magazines have always irked me. I mean, who’s the target audience? People who are about to get married? People who are married? People who want to be married? Men? Women? I mean, who reads that drivel [not to say your article itself was drivel, but as an industry…]?

    I like the idea of marriages. On occasion. But it has such a possibility of being exploitative and commercial. I know plenty of women who believe that their wedding needs to be picture perfect, with rose petals sprinkled across driveways, and diamond rings, and expensive gowns.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re the ones who read this gunk.

  • These teabags are amazing! Even more so because I’ve been on a massive tea kick of late (it seems to affect me less than coffee and goodness knows I need sleep!)

    And congrats about your Valentine’s post being reposted 😀

  • Oh Alexandra, what a lovely blog! I just read your comment. You’re so very sweet. I love the colous and design of your blog, and this entry is SO adorable. I’ll be sure to forward it to the BF for my b-day or for next Valentine’s. I’m a tea-a-holic, so these little somethings would make me super happy and be super handy. Thanks again for visiting, and best wishes with your project 🙂

  • Love this! Too bad I have a Keurig k-cup maker now so I don’t use anything like this anymore.

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